Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Quick Initial 2015 Urban Arrow Review

Well I am now the proud owner of a 2015 Urban Arrow and it is a totally different bike then my original 2013. Yes it looks mostly the same, but wow does it ride differently. First I want to thank Rolling Orange for all their customer service support! They have seriously been a rock in all my problems I have had. Now on to the review:

My under ten word review: It rides more like Bullitt and less like Bakfiets

An initial review:


The Frame: The bike is lighter then the 2013 version. I was told by the UA's designer the aluminum and hardening process are different then the original so the bike is lighter and  rigid. There is less give in the bike which I can totally feel on bumps and what not. 

Handlebars: They seem more narrow then my original giving me a more aggressive position personally. I need to move it about a little to re-achieve the upright feel I prefer. 

Brakes: I am upgraded to the disk brakes they are more powerful at quick stops but I still then the roller brakes were pretty great too perhaps over long term I will like the disk more. 

In the 2015 version my fenders now allow me to have fully filled tires! Yay. The tires are big apple+ they are so far so good. The front wheel on this bike is quick release, which made my head hurt. I sometimes like my bike by the front wheel soooo will need to put skewers in it. 

Gearing: Same as 2013 

Box: Same look and feel.

Kickstand is now spring load. Harder to kick down and it no longer connects with magnet when you push it up so I keep feeling that I haven't locked it. Will take some time to retrain myself.  

Lights: They are no longer generated by hub/wheel they are connected through the assist's battery. They seem bright but my last ones were even brighter. They do still have standing lights. I also like how you can turn the lights on from the reader but hub lights that were always on is just awesome for forgetful people like me. 

Hand grips: Still those ergonomic gummy ones that rub off on your hands

Base plate is still perforated but has a section that is not. Not sure why they changed that from my 2013 model. 

BELL! Still loud and amazing. I never loved a bell so much. 

Pedals: They are not as wide as the 2013 but seem sturdier/nice, will keep you updated

Seat: Comfy and has a nice handle on the back if someone is riding on your rack. 

The whole reason I have a new UA is because my old one had extraordinary problems beyond what UA had seen before and felt that it was better to replace it,  a lot had to do with my reader/motor and then my replacement motor. I am very excited to have a Bosch motor now as my local cargo bike shop Firth & Wilson are actually trained in fixing these motors. So on to the Bosch!

Bosch/Assist: Intuvia 

The 2015 has a Bosch upgrade to the Intuvia system which has a reader mounted mid bar and the speed control on a separate unit on left so you don't have to leave the hand grips to change speed or change info you are viewing. The unit itself lights up gloriously so you can see it in the dark perfectly. The system reads in several languages, km/mph and even gives you the time. It also now tells me how fast I am going. By fast I mean not really.  

I leave my home mid-hill the perk of the 2013 Daum system was it kicked on the second you pedaled, I was pretty shocked that the Bosch took a rotation to kick in. I am sure I can retrain myself but I was use to a quick start up with the Daum so that was a bummer.

Bosch has 4 levels: Turbo, Sport, Tour and Eco. There is a great range with the levels and really liked them. I mostly mixed them about. With a mix relying heavily on Turbo/Sport on a gross rainy night home I had a range of about 20 miles on the battery. 

The battery itself is way lighter then the 2013 Daum battery and honestly very sleek. It still fits in under the bench seat. 

So that is all I have for now, I plan on doing a full review of the bike after I ride it for 100 miles or so. So stay tuned.