Friday, November 14, 2014

My First Flat Tire

Last weekend on the way to the Philly Bike Expo I got my very first flat tire on the Urban Arrow. This is also commemorates my second flat tire ever and the only Kidical Mass Philly ride I have ever missed. 

How did I get it?
I was riding on the Kelly Drive MUP and used the small gravel section trying to get through a bunch of congestion. I hit a very sharp object that instantly caused the flat. 

Did you have the kids?
Yes, they were both asleep the whole time, during the flat and while it got fixed. They never left the bike.

Did you change the whole tube?
Oh hell know. Have you seen the bike tire of an Urban Arrow? My husband patched it for me. 

How did you do it?
The kickstand on a cargo bike holds one tire up. Usually it is the lighter front tire. We just applied more weight to the front tire by placing my husband's bike on it to pop the rear tire. 

How long did it take?
Like 15 minutes tops. But I fully admit my husband did it and he's quick at these types of things.