Thursday, November 13, 2014

Holiday Kidical Mass Ride and WOOM Kid's Bikes

I can't believe that Kidical Mass Philly's Holiday Family Light ride is already on my calendar. It is almost depressing how quickly the holiday's sneak up on us now a days. But please mark your calendars for Dec. 20th to spin around the most sparkling lights hung across rowhomes in America.


Speaking of holidays we at the BMD house are thinking we are going to buy our two younglings some bikes for Christmas. Our oldest has snubbed the Strider bike we bought him for his second birthday for the past two years. I was pretty sure we were going to have to go with training wheels as at almost four he grew too big for it and I sold it. But I saw him try out an REI balance bike that was heavier but built clearly more sturdy and  realized he could balance and coast on a bike. I turned my eyes over to  WOOM bikes who I have been chatting with on and off since I saw their launch here in the US.

 Let me say these folks are excited about bringing another quality bike to the US for kids. They have been answering all my inane questions including going as far to use a tape measure and take pictures of the hand brake's distance for me and have been so helpful with sizing, they suggested I go with a 14 inch bike for our son's height  and letting me know it comes without pedals so I can let him use it as a balance bike first. These bikes are made with actual bike parts so bike nerd families like mine can feel comfortable spending the money to insure we are getting a quality product from a small business in return. 

Don't worry Miss J is more balance bike sized and WOOM makes those too.

My husband was swayed by the 30 day back money guarantee. 

P.S. I am getting a new Urban Arrow since my daum  motor issues were beyond repair from aboard. It will be here this month and I can post more after I get it.


  1. i know this post is a year old, but my 4 year old started on the WOOM3 just after his bday and loves it! we swapped out the coaster for the freewheel. great bike, and so light

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