Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Bike to Work Day and Manayunk Bike Race

It has been a bit busy around here so these two events are almost a month apart but showing up in the same post. Oh well.

First bike to work day! The nation wide BTWD was rather rainy and the local Nike Coalition made the call for a very sunny Monday instead if the original Friday. My H decided to take off and join us for a nice three day family bike weekend (same weekend as Kinetic Sculpture Derby).

 We were up early and out the door. On my descend down Ridge Ave. my kleen kanteen came flying out of my cup holder! As my husband put it, it look and sounded like a grenade. He nicely retrieved my banged up coffee cup as my general rule is can't stop safely can't get what fell out off bike. 

We made our way to Lloyd Rec Center along boathouse row and met up with he organizers, friends and other riders including Philly's mayor. We made our way on route and even had a small run in with a car around Eakins Oval see vimeo (coming soon!) for that. We ended at Love Park, where two Philly cops carried my bike up the steps. Swoon.  We then heard from the mayor, head of MOTU, parks and rec and the ED from the Bicycle Coalition.

Afterwards we made our way to breakfast and the Academy of Natural Sciences. Later that afternoon I actually biked to my part-time job in Germantown. 

Bike Race Weekend! 

Usually Manayunk Bike Race is a one-day affair for us. We have lived on route the past three years. We go to the end of our block to watch usually, but this year we got adventurous. 

First on Saturday I checked out a Women Bike PHL event at Cadence Cycling Center on Main Street. It was a chance to meet the pros, listen to them speak and eat some tasty food. It was a really great event and got my excited for watching the women's race the next day. 

Sunday we started our bike race day by walking the reverse of the route from our house off of Ridge/Main. We walked up to the Wall and watch the women climb and then made our way down to Main Street. We stopped to have drinks with my H's coworkers who doesn't love an Amstel Radler or three before noon. After seeing the last lap go by we walked back home so we could regroup and I could change my shoes for the men's race. Pro tip if you haven't worn a specific pair of shoes in seven years your feet maybe angry. 

After some debate we decided to ride our bikes down to our second location to meet up with more of my H's coworkers. I was honestly against riding just with congestion and you are forced to ride on sidewalks (to the path). Literally the cops tell you to but it was quicker and my feet really hurt. Stupid shoes. 

So my H road the UA and I road my Vanmoof down. It was congested and honestly a bit harder on the littler bike. Shout out to the roadie who felt the need to correct my mumbled ( I don't want to talk, trying to get by on tiny bridge) pronunciation of bakfiets.

We drank more afternoon beers, hung with friends and some of my H's coworkers and watched some bike racing. Once my kids were hitting meltdown zone we packed them in and headed home. 

A successful bike race day if I do say so myself. 


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