Thursday, April 17, 2014

Philadelphia Pumptrack, University City Bike Collective & Kidical Mass!

Philadelphia Bike Roundup


First we biked to the in progress pump track this weekend. It was a really amazing place and we want to head back (soon) to actually volunteer before it's official opening May 10th (pro-tip don't arrive to a in progress site in sandals and a dress). It is located in an area of Fairmount Park behind the Mann Center that I had never traveled to by bike before. I am a big chicken about going anywhere on a big bike that I am unsure of (big bikes are hard to turn around if you get lost!!) so I arrived on all kinds of nerves. But the minute I got over myself and spoke with the coordinator Kenn I felt totally at ease again. Kenn, was incredibly welcoming to everyone who was there showing my H, kiddos and I around the site like long time pals. He was incredibly welcoming to families (who were there in plenty!)which was great (& tiny gloves/wheelbarrows!! for kids to use). It was great to see so many people of different skill levels and strength working together to create this space.

The Pump track was recently awarded a $5,000 grant from Fairmount Park Conservancy and their on site storage crate is going to muralized by the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program!

The beginner course is a place where kids can use strider bikes! Cannot wait to strap the GoPro on M and let him give it a go. Until it officially opens they are out there every weekend as long as it isn't raining, go volunteer and help them out.

University City Bike Collective:

The University City is a new voice for better biking in the Ucity/West Philadelphia community. Currently they are looking for volunteer leadership positions. Check them out if you live or work in the University City section of the city.

Additionally, on April 22nd they are having an Urban Riding Basics Seminar! Great chance to learn about biking in the city.

Kidical Mass PHL:

4/19 Join KMPHL at Fitler Square for a ride around center city ending at Rittenhouse Square!

Ding Ding! See you this weekend