Sunday, March 9, 2014

Women's Forum at NBS 2014 Part Two

Part Two?

I really meant for the whole thing to be one post but ALL THE THOUGHTS. 

Lunch, first my previous national conference attending was the Alliance of American Museums where lunch was never included it was an add on. And there wasn't a plenary at lunch you would have committee lunches. Probably because AAM is just insanely huge compared to NWF/LAB. We were served sausage which I admit I thought was the weirdest selection of foods (to be served without beer), but I was hungry (shocking) so it tasted delicious. 

During lunch we heard from the keynote speaker NOW president, Terry O'Neill who rides a brompton. I really love the thought that at the center of the equation shouldn't be a bicycle it's should be women. We also heard from the equity panel which was a great body of some really thoughtful women. I slipped out for a bit to use the bathroom and charge my phone. So I wasn't able to hear everything. 

Kidical Mass Arlington
After lunch was my breakout session I was speaking at. Made our way upstairs was introduced to everyone and the equipment. We got the final word that we had to change the slides ourselves so the pecha kucha presentation wasn't very strict which honestly mellowed me out. As twenty second slides is a little intense.
Up first the head of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition the panel lead introduced Nona who spoke about LA based projects, followed by myself who spoke about Kidical Mass PHL, sandwiched next was Lily from Portland and bringing up the final presentation was Gillian from Kidical Mass Arlington. 

If you want here is a Dropbox link so you can access my power point. In summary, my speech focused on why I started riding (that tiny passenger mister M), what families need in a KM ride and why this ride is approachable for families and other businesses/organizations. 

And my offer to the room (and you) is let me know how I can help you get more families riding! It makes it safer for us all and normalizes it in the mainstream. 

The forum in general is empowering. I have no idea if the full summit feels the same way but there is so much talk about the energy that comes out of the day before it you almost think it won't lead up to the hype and trust me living it I felt that energy and it did live up to the hype. Now I hope we can make this accessible for all wheel ladies to feel and for a future generation.