Saturday, February 8, 2014

My GoPro Impressions +Tons of Sped up Riding Videos

Just to recount we got the GoPro as an exchange for an electronic we got as a gift this Christmas. We bought two accessories for it, a 32gb memory card (takes up to 64gb) and a vented helmet strap tripod. I have been riding with it for the past six weeks or so. I have taken a lot of video. Some of it saved, others edited and posted here or on vimeo or some just deleted. Here is my impressions of it and a little bit more of my uses. 

Fisheye View of Life

There are three current models of GoPro, we have the middle of the line Hero3+ Sliver, as it was an even exchange and I didn't want to complicate the return process. The baseline model is the White and the top model is the Black. Here is a whole comparison chart for those trying to figure out what is best for them. I honestly feel that all three are probably really cool and have good video quality.

The camera arrived in it's water proof case. I removed the tiny camera from the case and rested in my palm I was pretty sure I'd break it within a week. According to the GoPro website it is 15% smaller then the previous model, it is about the length of a kid's army man. I have dropped it in the case and so far so good. The step up wad easy I charged the camera and connected to my MacBook. The only thing I had to connect was the wifi. 

The Hero 3+ series all have wifi automatically built in, previous models had a special wifi back pack add on. The wifi tethers to your iPhone with use of a free app. Since there is no display on the camera as it is so tiny you can use the app to view the video you just shot, delete or use it as a viewfinder. The setup was user friendly enough that I didn't smash my computer or camera in anger. 

Jawn Looks Dorky 
I really like the wifi as I have been using my video to capture any issues I might run into with any sort of street setup, harassment or altercations with drivers. I feel like it is a "black box" recording of sorts and if I have to I could instantly play it back to a police officer.  People have taken notice of the camera and I often get asked if I use it for that reason, so people do take note. 

The second part of having it is to capture memories for our family. I can't wait until Spring when the cover comes off the bike and I can strap it to the kid's helmets to watch each other and us. I really look forward to it. I hope bikes are always part of our lives but understand that having these early memories is special.

Finally, I feel the possibilities are endless of how we can use the camera for other outdoors stuff we do with our family, I would love to get a couple more mounts for the camera for other exploring. I mean we can't wear our helmets 24/7. Bottomline if you are thinking about getting one, I say go for it. 

So I will continue to share glimpses of the video I am capturing :) Here is a couple below. I have been  wearing the camera mostly as I usually bike alone but one video is shot by my husband too. All videos have been sped up to play faster and I am still working on a good setting for that, all audio has been dropped too. 

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