Sunday, February 2, 2014

Along the River to Art Class

In the next couple of weeks as the weather becomes increasingly nicer. I will begin to whine over and over about the Kelly Drive path. It will likely be congested full of runners, walkers, bikers and rowers but for now during the twice a week trips I take to M (&J) to art class it is rather peaceful. 

I can artfully handle the Urban Arrow blindfolded I know the route so well. The places I slow down for as to not startle my often sleeping kids and inclines downward that feel good to coast. The way the river turns and the headwind turns to a tail win. Pointing out animals and trains along the waterway hasn't gotten old yet either. 

The Urban Arrow is certainly dirty from riding this winter but it feels good for all of us, and these peaceful snow filled river rides will always hold a special place in my memories of biking with my kids. 

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