Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Wrap up of Kidical Mass' Event for the Bike Curious

On Saturday Kidical Mass held an open house at Firth&Wilson. For a January day the shop was busy plus a few regular KMPHLers and some bike curious folks surely turned the shop upside down. We are so grateful for all the family biking support F&W has given to us and it's neighborhood since they opened less then a year ago.

Plus!! When I was leaving there was a couple who were test riding bikes to ride with their 45 pound dog!! That's a M sized dog! Hope they go for a box bike with that puppy weight, maybe the Gazelle Cabby.

     Stole this Picture from Transport Cycles

Our next Kidical Mass ride will be February 15th. The ride will be along the Delaware Waterfront (sounds warm right ;)) and it will end at IKEA. Hello meatballs!

Finally some GoPro stills from Friday and Saturday. I feel like an outfit of the day via GoPro should be a new feature here. Not likely as I am not very fashionable.

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