Monday, December 16, 2013

Visiting Santa by Bike in Philly

It snowed Saturday after all so Kidical Mass was not cancelled in vain. And at this point the weather is looking AMAZING for Saturday the 21st. By amazing 10% chance of rain and high 40s. Fingers crossed our rain date works out! 
The left over snow from all this weather and a sick kid left us home bound for much of the week. Sunday however we had plans to see Santa at Frankford Hall. We go annually since M's first Christmas to see by far the most amazing Santa. I naively assumed the snow would be cleared from Kelly Drive and we set off Sunday at 10:45ish to go to Fishtown. 

After some asshole drivers (why make the road more dangerous for all of us) we made it to the bottom of Ridge/Main. What a surprise to see the bridge sidewalk (entrance to Kelly Drive) at the wissahickon transfer station not shoveled. Hmm. I hop off of my bike to walk past a sharp right turn. We go on. I turn to my husband and say what should we do? Neither of us are quitters and I could bike in the sludge so on we went. 

It was not fun. To be honest. It was more ice then pretty snow. Also it was infuriating to see roads cleared but bike and walker "roads" covered. Our tracks were not alone. Others were out too! I stopped and tweeted briefly just in case the fairmount park "gods" could hear me and make sure I had a clear path to go home later. 
            A kind of cleared area!

We forged on and about 2.5 miles in the path was finally cleared. Not sure why half the path was cleared but other half was left? Spoiler alert way back it was all shoveled and cleared. 

Bike lanes on the way down fairmount and spring garden were covered. So we just took the right lane on Spring Garden. And cut across third to Frankford Hall. Upon our arrival we saw Marni's bike there too. Nice surprise. So we locked our bikes up to her family's. And in we went. 
   The area between parked cars and                          road is the bike lane. 

                         Best Santa!

The sun was disappearing in the clouds and nap time steadily approaching we headed back home. Bike lanes were now cleared from the earlier sun. We briefly thought about taking Ridge Ave back to our house, but it is full of lights and some unsafe areas so we went to try the path. 
     PCC Trolley & the feared trolley tracks

Path was clear. Hurrah. I did slip/spun out on ice though! I hit a small patch of black ice and it sent me into the grass/snow. I had hiking boots on and was going slow so I was able to securely stop the bike with my feet. The kids were jostled awake but were securely  strapped in. 

Biked up the last hills and home we were.


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