Friday, December 6, 2013

Bike Modifications For Holidays and Riding With a Baby

Hey look it is December. When did that happen? I mean I know daylight is mostly nonexistent and I have a tree in my house so it must be the 12th month of the year. 

For the holidays and the holiday Kidical Mass Ride I spruced up the Urban Arrow with some holiday cheer. I added lights inside the canopy and a wreath to the back! I strung the LEDs up with binder clips. We still haven't done anything to the Halsted but we have more lights ready to go. The kids were amused by lights to look at today (little lady was not amused that she isn't allowed to eat food yet on the move). I can also make them blink which is nice for extra visibility on these dark nights. 

In bigger modification news we removed the carseat and moved J into a stroller seat secured to the Stecco Baby Mee inside the Urban Arrow. J has been riding in the bike since 5 weeks. She is now almost 8 months old. Cue all my tears. 

****Disclaimer: I'm not a professional or a doctor please don't take my word for the gospel of safety. The items we used are not meant to be used on a bike!!! This is what we feel is comfortable and safe for our child.****

We used the seat of a Phil & Teds SMART stroller. They are made of the same stuff Yepp seats and crocs are made of and the seat is meant to rear face in a stroller frame. I put in a layer of padding for extra comfort from our double stroller also a Phil & Teds stroller. 

We secured it to the Baby Mee frame with a tie down strap (we bought ours at Ikea) and the plastic cord the BM provides. 

We used an additional tie down strap to secure it through the box frame. 

Both kids get more feet room. My only issue is J is trying to see more and is trying to sit up (successfully). I think a chest clip will help with that. She fell asleep so I know it is comfy! The BM's springy suspension is also helpful on bumps. I'm thinking of adding our stroller snuggle bag for her. We shall see. 

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  1. We are still using the carseat. I'm just going to keep with that until she turns one in a month. Then I guess we get her a helmet and try to figure out a new arrangement. Will you set up allow for a helmet?