Monday, November 18, 2013

Women Bike PHL at the Philly Bike Expo (Final Expo Post)

On the final Sunday of the expo we made our way back for one last seminar. The fin event I wanted to be there for was the Women Bike PHL seminar led by Katie Monroe who started and leads the effort of the same name for the Bicycle Coalition. I took my favorite lady who bikes Philly with me.

The panel included Shelly who owns Fairmount Bicycles, Georgina Terry of Terry/Heart of Steel Bicycles, Kristin Gavin who is the founder of Gearing Up and one of the programs graduates whose name is currently missing from my brain. The panel focused on how to get more women biking both what individuals can do and what the industry can do. 

I think both the panel and audience worked well in a discussion together. The take away was to encourage a friend who is bike curious to go for a ride with you. 

The panel also made a connection with another ride organizer here in Philly. The female powerhouse behind the Naked Bike ride and Bike Party. Looks like she is going to join KMPHL's Holiday Light Ride to provide the tunes! 

Who did I ask to ride with me? Well I am asking you!

Moms (&families) biking Philly is a "hill" for me and my co- Kidical Mass organizer Marni. So we hope to take the friend for a ride a bit further and get more moms and dads and grandparents and YOU out to our Kidical Mass open house at Firth&Wilson in January. 

PS See you next year Bike Expo