Friday, November 15, 2013

Bullied About Bike Parking by the Philadelphia Museum of Art Security

Friday's we now bike up to Fairmount for an art class for M. The art class' street happens to have three charming homes and art center on one side and the backside of the Art Museum's Pearlman building on the other. It is also a service entrance to the Pearlman where I have seen garbage trucks and FedEx pull in. And less then a couple of employees use the personnel gate to enter and exit.
                                    Trim back your plants if you want a wider side walk. 

I park on the side of the Pearlman because the CITY sidewalk is larger then the side with the homes and can accommodate a wheel chair/stroller next to my bike if needed. I always keep wheel chairs and strollers in mind and choose not to block car doors if possible, I never block curb cuts and I do all this without being told. 

Today a security guard at first from the security of behind that iron gate in the picture above told me I couldn't park where I do. I was busy backing the bike into the spot and said what? He comes out and again saysI cannot park there. I ask if it is a city sidewalk he says "yes" and adds it is a staff entrance. I reply I leave plenty of room. He starts telling me to park at a "U" bike rack across the street but this  would block access to the homes on the other side.  He says here park here pointing to a pole on the side of the Pearlman building that blocks a car door and a curb cut. I tell him that.
          The U rack he told me to use. 

He asserts I cannot park there again I say again it is a city sidewalk, this is a bicycle I can legally park here. I smile and say this all very calmly, which you have to know is hilarious as I can be a fire-y lady. Then I say feel free to call the cops! I am at this point not moving. He then asks how long I will be,  I say 1 hour and I parked here last week. "I know "they" complained"  then he says this is a "museum". 

HOLD THE  PHONE. This is a museum? I had just had no clue, you know since I happily promoted a bike event there this summer on this very blog. I am also a card carrying Alliance of American Museums member. Plus also I hold an MA in Museum Education. I almost lost it. How the elitism just spilled from that comment, how the "museum code" that not everyone is welcomed just made me even more determined to park there. 

 I kept it together still the whole time asserting I am parking there and continued to lock my bike up. I told him come get me if someone complained. Luckily he didn't because that person would get an ear full. And trust me the customer service person who I'm about to call will also get an ear full. 

Dear Philadelphia Museum of Art who clearly cares less about bike visitors because your bike parking is subpar  and you just spent a TON of money to build a parking garage for cars. 

This is a museum:
Rjksmuseum in Amsterdam


  1. The nerve! What did customer service say?

    I sense a bigger story brewing here...

    1. They apologized and told me they would get back to me within in a week, left email and phone. Still waiting....

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