Tuesday, November 12, 2013

54.1 Mile Weekend or Philly Bike Expo Part 1

Where to begin? Well Friday. I will start with Friday. 

Friday morning I signed M up for a toddler art class in Fairmount. So this started our marathon biking weekend. Ten miles round trip. Solo bike trips into and out of Center City can be tricky but this one went off well. Bike parking down at the center was a little nutty as it appears garbage day is Friday so lots of cans and recycling bins on the ground. Found a good spot behind the Art Museum's annex. 

We made some art. 

And headed home. The crosswinds are getting gnarly this time of year. And headwinds are fun too. I found myself ducking behind the hood for some wind breaks. But the views are unbeatable. Perfect fall foliage last week. I assume trees will be more bare this week. 

We got home and M refused to leave his toasty warm bike, I don't blame him. 

My parents came to watch the kids that night so we could bike back to the city for our anniversary dinner and then swing by the Firth & Wilson vendor bender for the Philly Bike Expo. 

Mama broke out the elusive pink whip that hasn't seen much action since I was 30 something odd weeks pregnant. 

Look at that line of traffic. Bike paths for the win!

We had an awesome lobster dinner at Route 6. So good (plus half price lobsters for November!!) and headed to the party. 

Everyone we spoke to agreed the one bike shop who can throw a party is totally the guys at Firth&Wilson. 

We grabbed the pink bike and halsted and headed home early though as let's be real we had a Kidical Mass ride tomorrow and no one wants to ride with kids hung over.

Friday Total Mileage: 24 miles 

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