Monday, October 14, 2013

A Rain Canopy for the Urban Arrow

Fall is here in Philadelphia even with our weather leaning towards the warmer and rainier side lately the leaves are changing and Halloween (PS Kidical Mass PHL Halloween Ride is this Saturday 10/19)  is almost upon us. Last week I decided we should probably just buy the rain canopy for the Arrow so I would not be taken by surprise when it dropped to freezing temperatures before my eyes. We had opted to save a few dollars and not buy it  when we bought the bike originally.

Like most of the UA's features there isn't much online about it besides pricing ($299 from RollingOrange) but I wanted to share some of the details I was really pleased with. First the price is about equal to all other ones I have seen on the market guys over at Blaq start at $300 and even the Babboe is priced equally. I am no way talented to make my own like Marni from Rebourne Clothing who is making one for her 

The cover is very easy to take off and on.  The structure is all in the canopy so no extra hardware or poles to deal with. 

The shape is "aero dynamic" looking and the back swoops over the handlebars. Providing the rider some coverage. 

The side has a reflective strip. Which is great for dark winter riding. 

The canopy has plenty of height at bench for taller children. 

The back also has a small mesh panel that can be zippered open or shut. Great to keep bugs out in Spring rains. 

Speaking of mesh. The front plastic panel can also roll up and clip to the top exposing a mesh panel to keep out bugs and keep the structure of the canopy while providing air. I have read a bunch that these can get very warm so what a great feature to provide some air. 

Finally a detail shot of the fit on the front reflectors. 

The canopy when not in use rolls nicely into a small bag. Overall a very thought out canopy. Kudos to the guys over at UA for it. 


  1. Those are good perks in a cover. Does it fit the bakfiets? Same footprint?

    1. Same foot print but requires the white frame of the arrow for mounting but i wonder if the guys at blaq could make a custom version for

  2. This looks like a great bicycle canopy. I've recently started cycling and I think it would be great to take my three-year old with me. A canopy like this would be perfect to keep my son in while I ride my bike.

    Susan Hirst |

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