Sunday, September 8, 2013

Neighborhood Rides: Yo Adrian I Did It! + Girl Scout Biking Badges

On Saturdays, we signed our son up with the program Soccer Shots here in Philadelphia. It is basically tiny humans learning the fundamentals of soccer. It's cute. It's a short neighborhood ride that requires a three block climb off a hill I couldn't do in any bike until now! 

I tried doing this hill two other times on the Urban Arrow. Once while 40 weeks pregnant (the belly getting in my way) & two weeks ago going to story time. I wound up pushing the bike up the steepest part of the climb which is at the bottom of the hill nearest to our home. What a bummer. Well for some reason just chanting in my brain "one stroke at a time" got me up this past Saturday!!! And now I have 6 more Saturdays to practice getting stronger. (And whenever I get our Butts back to storytime.)

Top of the climb. You can't see the bottom 2 blocks that are the steeper part since it curves. But it's there. 

Overall Soccer Shots was great. Of course we fielded questions on the bike and riding with kids in Philadelphia. Having the Arrow tends to do that. 

Riding home is all down hill and so quick. 
**** to the car who rode up way to fast on my backside. Go home put your car away and go for a walk it is perfect out. 

Now on to Girl Scouts!!! The Philly Bike Coalition is offering a badge that ties into the national effort to get women biking, their program all the details here:

This badge isn't just about riding it also includes bike mechanics! What an amazing looking badge too. Go contact Katie and start your group of girls to earning this awesome badge. 


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