Thursday, September 5, 2013

August Kidical Mass Philly Recap

Sorry, the recap is a bit late. But alas it is here. So some how I have had some insane luck when it comes to picking nice days. For late August I was prepared for steamy 100 degree day. On the contrary it was a great low 80s in Philly. 

The ride was around 30 big and small people. Lot's of great and different set ups. One mama had the side car Chariot which was incredibly neat in person. And I think a great trailer option. 

The ride from Fitler Square to Sister Cities Park was rather straight forward. Although Marni and I were busy chatting we went two blocks further then we planned. Sorry about that! 

Our next ride is a Halloween ride on Oct 19th costumes encouraged! My two kids and maybe us will certainly be in costume. 

And without further wait some pictures from the ride. 

PS the gentleman who rode with us and filmed on his go pro. I want to see that video!!

PPS when we rolled into the park you would have thought we came in on motorcycles eyes were darting at our weird bikes group 

My baby girl was 4 months old for the ride!!

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