Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Urban Arrow Goes Topless

(I cannot wait to see what google search terms bring people to this post!)

My husband decided to take the box off the Urban Arrow and clean her up a bit. I will refrain from telling you how many Annie's Cheddar bunnies were in the box. 

The Arrow can be easily taken apart as it was built to have different configurations so removing the box was simply removing a couple of bolts. The box is one piece and comes off as so. 

I have to admit I recently had a case of jealousy about how pretty and traditional's are. But after being able to simply remove the box of the Arrow that feeling washed away. I like that we could remove it to carry awkward loads or to clean it up etc. 

So after my husband removed it he wiped her down with a rag and some water and put her back together. And for your pleasure some pictures. 

PS I will recap Kidical Mass from last week soon!  


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