Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Baby Mee for the Urban Arrow

We have had the baby mee for almost a month and I thought I would share my thoughts. 

For those not familiar the baby mee for bakfiets is a metal piece you install in box bikes for carseats to "click" into. I use the expression click because that is what car seat bases do in US cars. But in all honestly there is no clicking. 

Prior to having the baby mee we would use tie down straps to tie the carseat in the box, underneath the carseat we used a blanket to muffle any vibrations. This was an effective and cheap method. we felt like the seat was secure but the luxury of easily pulling the carseat out or putting it in with a sleeping baby was lost.  Also we would need to remove the carseat every day because it wouldn't deal well with the outdoor elements overnight. 

The baby mee cost us $105 (US). The set comes with "instructions" for installation printed on a sticker located on the side and also includes all the hardware needed. For wood bakfiets you drill the base plate into place. In the Urban Arrow's metal perforated base you just choose the holes to bolt it through. The base plate can be locked to the removable metal frame that holds the carseat. Not as big of a deal in the US, as most people aren't looking to steal the baby mee. 

The metal frame has springs on either side in order to provide some give on the bumps. It also includes two bungee cords to hold down the carseat. Our carseat is a tight fit. So although it instructs you to clip them around the handles I use it across as you would a lap belt installation in a car. The plastic clips coming together in the center. For what it is worth it seems very secure but I have thought about installing a seat belt on the bottom to hold the seat in place even more so then the clips. 

The baby mee also provides you space under the carseat to store stuff. I keep water bottles and our locks underneath something I could not do previously. Our toddler doesn't get any more foot room with the new set up so he places his feet on the carseat still. Not a huge deal as he can't reach the floor of the arrow yet anyway. 

Overall the baby mee is a helpful addition with an infant. It is rated for two months plus but I'm sure people use it pretty early on. We would have had as well if we gotten it earlier then it arrived.

Friday, July 26, 2013

STOLEN: Workcycles Bakfiets

A Kidical Masser's gray Workcycles bakfiets was stolen two nights ago in the Fishtown section of Philadelphia. If you see this bike please contact through Craigslist or call the police. There is another similar black one also in Fishtown.

To get the bike they cut straight through her home's railing. Now I am going to research installing ground bolts to chain our bikes to after reading that. 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Quick Glimpse at ABCs of Family Biking

This past Saturday the Philly Bike Coalition hosted the first ABCs of Family Biking here in Philadelphia, the original version was born in DC and is hosted in the Spring by Kidical Mass DC. It was a real treat, basically an amassing of parents and bike shops to show off lots of ways to bike with kids of all ages. 

The bike shops that presented and who I hope you go do business with if you are looking to deal local: Fairmount Bicycles, Firth & Wilson Transportation Cycles and Trophy Bikes. They brought some great family bike options and they are available right here in Philadelphia. Additionally, us parents rounded out options for others to try out a couple of bakfiets.nl, a big dummy, chariot trailer... Just to name a few! 

Now on to 
bike pictures:

Onderwater Family Tandem is Amazing and I want one when both the kids can pedal. This is carried by Firth & Wilson. 

Also M put the first sticker on the Urban Arrow. As my husband said at least we don't have to debate where to put stickers now. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

"Simply Bike"

Yesterday I contributed to Simply Bike's series on pregnant while biking check out mine and others stories.

Check it out at: http://simplybikeblog.com/

(Here I am in my third trimester with the UA for try first time. )

Monday, July 15, 2013

#ArtSplash Bike Event @ The Philadelphia Museum of Art

This Wednesday the Philadelphia Museum of Art's #ArtSplash is hosting a family-friendly bike event. As long as I do not die of heat exhaustion on the way there our family is excited to check out this event. (really Philadelphia it is okay to always be sunny but a heat index of 105 is a bit much)

The event facts:

Neighborhood Night Out with Candy Coated
Wednesday, July 17, 20135:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.This program is in association with Art Splash.Free after admission (Wednesday is pay what you wish!)
Families, bring your bikes, trikes, helmets, and scooters for a decorating workshop with artist Candy Coated. The night culminates with a bedazzled bike parade around the neighborhood.

1. Candy Coated will be providing silk-screened stickers (can be seen at: http://wwwcandycoatedorg.blogspot.com/)
2. Kazoos for parade participants!
3. This is the only night this summer that Perelman is open for Pay What you Wish Wednesday, and it is a great opportunity to see the 5 exhibitions now on view. 
4. Bike decorating will be out back in the Perelman parking lot (rain location is inside).

Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Kelly Drive

Kelly Drive is a 4 lane "highway" and a multi use path in Philadelphia alongside the river. We use the path to get into and out of Center City throughout the year. But on Fourth of July a magical thing happens! The city shuts down the actual road where the cars ride and bikers get the chance to take it over. On the way back I overheard one biker say to his friend wow biking this is a special treat. It is my friends it is. 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

ABCs of Family Biking, Philly & Some Recent Bike Pictures

July 20th, The Bicycle Coalition is Hosting an ABCs of Family Biking. We amongst other families will be there to do a little peer to peer review of what is available to get families biking.

The direct verbiage from their website:
"The ABC’s of Family Biking is an event to help interested-but-concerned parents learn about the tools and resources available to help them bike with their children. Join us on Schuylkill Banks, along the Schuylkill River Trail under the Walnut St Bridge."

You can RSVP here: http://familybiking.eventbrite.com (Ohhey, there is a picture of Husband and Toddler!)

Here are some around the town shots & a few of us riding on Kelly Drive when it was shut down for Fourth of July.