Monday, June 24, 2013

Low Battery or That Time We Biked to the Zoo

A funny thing happened on the way to the zoo. I forgot to charge the battery so there was very little battery left. No idea how much but the last light was blinking so I shut it down. Yikes. But my kid has been begging for the zoo & I like to think biking at now eight weeks post partum I am as strong as I was before. But alas I'm not.  Also it happened to be 86% humidity out and oh the Philly Tri was happening on our direct route to the Zoo. 

Let's just say we made it, my body was feeling that whole humidity thing and now you are biking 100 pound bike up and down hills feels great, but we made it. I promised that toddler giraffes, monkeys & lions and this mama does not let down! 

So that was that! 

ps great news, looks like our official Urban Arrrow maxi cosi holder should be in this week as well six more UAs to our shores! Nice. 

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