Monday, June 10, 2013

Kidical Mass June 8th Recap

The day we bought the Urban Arrow we watched our son climb all over it, ringing the bell, pushing the pedals and spinning the wheel. I turned to my husband and said we just bought our kids a lifetime of childhood memories. The more we ride with our kids and other families this statement continues to ring true.

We rode up MLK to Fitler Square. The ride there went well, I felt way more confident on some tighter turns on the path. I do need to move the seat post up now that I have more confidence so my knees don't feel so impacted. I'd like to raise the handlebars up too.

We took the Scullykill River Path after MLK and what do you know a freight train pulled in which forces you to walk your bike up and over the connector bridge. Ugh. Lucky for me I had a sweet husband who pushed the 100 pound bike up the bridge.

It started raining when we got to the park. I was briefly concerned it might just be our family on the ride. But at 10:30 tons of families showed up. It was a smaller ride about twenty-five or so people but it went well. We tested out a new route which included some skinnier bike lanes but the kids and adults did so well. When we got to Sister Cities Park, there was a few families who couldn't get to the ride on time so they just met us there! Really good time had by most? All?

When we got home the kids were nuzzled asleep in the box. They both had the look of a great time on their faces. Those lifetime of memories slowly made.


  1. Hi Dena,

    There is a button on the upper right corner of the small switchboard on our UA to have electric assistance when walking the bike up an incline.
    Might be of help when your sweet husband is not on the same incline ;-)


    Peter from NL

    1. Peter!

      Thank you so much for that comment! No one mentioned what that button was for when we purchased the bike and we had no idea.


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  3. We couldn't figure out what it was for either, so in the end we asked our dealer (who also didn't tell us when delivering the bike). Luckily we don't see much steep inclines around here!

    Some googling also gave me the complete overview of the control unit:; that even mentions a sensor for "dynamic brightness adjustment"... Makes me wonder why I still find the LEDs way too bright when riding in the dark.

    Anyway: hope you enjoy your urban arrow as much as we do.