Sunday, April 21, 2013

Catching Up: The Urban Arrow in Philly

First, still no baby, so I am still chugging along on the Urban Arrow at 40+ pregnant now. At this point my belly is really low so I am staying close to home and not chugging up the bigger hills in our area as my knees are now hitting my belly. But fear not we are still out and about on the bike almost daily. 

The bike currently lives when not riding in our back slab, it is a tight fit, but makes it. We still keep it tightly locked at night, what can I say I am a nervous city dweller.  The bike also doubles as a toddler jungle gym back there, I give him another month or so until he can figure out how to climb into the box by himself. There are perfect footholes for him to hoist himself up on.  The bike is holding up nicely with the rains we had the past few nights, so once again the Dutch are good at creating a bike that can be outdoors in all weather. 

So where have we been? Well we mostly have kept under 4 miles radius just in case I did go into labor (ugh long incubating baby). So we have made trips to local parks, just crusing around the neighborhood, our food co-op & we did manage to ride the strEAT Festival in Manayunk last weekend. We rode down to the festival in the afternoon, and luckily it wasn't packed to bad yet, as soon as I went to turn around to park the bike I had a dad and daughter on their bikes stop to ask to take a picture of us. And the pictures certainly did not stop there. People were of course curious as anything and we fielded a ton of questions, is that one whole bike? where do you buy something like that? did you make it? etc. etc. 

Manayunk is known for it's roadies (and drunk frat boys!) who pack main street with their we are so cool attitude and even they were still staring with that look of "OMG that is awesome" when we were riding back home. 

Some actual bike thoughts: 

--When going down hill even with disk brakes it is a heavy bike! You need to engage the brakes before you are flying down the hill. Our hills have stop signs midway so when biking on the steeper inclines it can be nerve-wracking. 

--Going up hill has been way easier with the pedal assist. I have been using the pedal assist a bunch mostly because I am tired and pregnant. The battery hasn't needed to be charged yet, So within the first two weeks we are down only one part of the battery. Once we start back on longer rides 

--I mentioned the plastic fenders before, ours seem to be warped and are rubbing on the tire a bit. 

--The seat is turning out to be comfy at the moment

--Our toddler's feet don't hit the floor of the box yet, we fixed that by putting in an ikea plastic stepstool. 

--The kids seatbelts don't have pads for the next, we had to strip ones off a carseat because it was causing rubbing on his neck (no matter how lose or tight they were)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Urban Arrow Has A New Home!

With us! Still waiting on baby no. 2 though. I will write a detailed post on the first few days riding it later this week.