Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My Dream Bicycle Holiday Wishlist

I was treated to some great service at the hospital last night (not baby, just me related) I had something gross taken care of and alas I am off a bike for about two weeks. So in the mean time I am going to fantasize up my perfect blue sky budget holiday wishlist.


I am mainly lusting after the Yuba Boda Boda at the moment. I love the midtail length and in my dream life the upgrade to the e-assist would be excellent for the hills around our home. I think the colors are very sharp in crisp white and apple green too. The basic bike is $999 which is a fantastic price point, I think adding a double kickstand for kid safety, the peapod seat and the bread basket make it an adorable addition to my wishlist. (PS I have never actually ridden this bike so this is purely superficial reasoning) 

Yuba Boda Boda


I prefer box bikes and kid seats, but with number two on the way a trailer would be a great way to pull a carseat on a bike. After some searching and discussing with other bike mamas, I think the Wicycle has won my heart. Priced between $299- $599 there are a lot of options for families. I really love how tall they are for visibility reasons and of course longevity. 



I am going to admit the last thing I really need is more bicycle bags but what the hell! I love the styles from PoCampo. The connect system makes it so a bag can connect to a stroller, to a bicycle etc. I love things that have life after babies too. 

Po Campo

And shout out to a Philadelphia local company, Fabric Horse, they have some cute bags for the ladies and gents. 

Fabric Horse


These might likely wind up under the tree for me as books are pretty affordable! But on my list this year are two bike titles: Bike Tribes: A Field Guide to North American Cyclists and Bicycle Diaries

Bike Tribes, Photo by Amazon

So what is on your holiday list this year? & of course Merry Everything!!