Thursday, August 30, 2012

Neighborhood Rides: Storytime

It is no secret I am not a morning person. I am far from a morning person. My kid picks this up from me. But unfortunately all children's activities are in the morning. I guess to avoid naps that take place in the afternoon. We try to make story time every week, but with a 10:30 call time sometimes we just don't make it. I know 10:30 is really late to most of you.

This week we made it, and we got there early. AWESOME! The ride there is all uphill, it is one of the rare times I go North of our home because north is all hills, but this is a relatively short ride and the way home is all downhill so I barely have to do any work. What can I say I am a lazy bike rider.

M was super excited to bike too that day. Not sure why, I take my pink road bike out there since again it is all up hill and a 2 mile ride, why care an extra fifty pounds for no real reason. But he REALLY wanted to take the cargo for some reason and stood by it waiting patiently when I said let's go on a bike ride. He was didn't protest about the pink bike and was excited when we got there, I mean who wouldn't be excited we saw a million buses my toddler's personal jesus. We also had a very nice crack head tell us "baby be careful, baby bike ugh" as she almost got hit by a car crossing illegally. THANKS LADY!

Story time had one other bike family, looks like their setup was a hybrid and rear seat. I am such a upright riding kind of lady but with the hills here I am sure the aggressive position of her seat and handlebars is good for climbing.

We headed home and was back in a matter of minutes speedily down the hills of Manayunk. Another successful neighborhood ride.

PS. cannot wait for this cool fall weather, sweating when I get to story time is so unbecoming.

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