Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Neighborhood Rides: Hardware Store

 On Monday I had to pick up some odds and ends from the hardware store. I loaded the squid and I and off we went. The ride there was short and uneventful. Once we got there I realized there was ZERO bike parking. Not even a street sign. Um. Bummer city.

I had to literally park my bike in a pile of bushes to get to the only sign post. To get the bike there I had to take the toddler off. Fudge. Taking a toddler off a bike in a parking lot/off a main street while locking a bike is purely terrifying. My kid does not understand staying in one spot. I had to sandwich him between me and the bike, in said bushes. Um cue toddler tantrum. Cue people coming to cars and making assine comments about why my child is crying but not one person asking can I help you. On the way out one guy in a smart car saw me struggling a bit to get my loaded bike off the bushes while holding said toddler and stopped to help me. At that point I was already over the hard part but thanked him a ton.

My point of the story:

Here's the thing I probably have it figured out but it's always nice to ask if I need help or anyone with a ton of bags, stroller, or 800 dogs. Secondly don't make comments about why my child is upset. That's none of your business and it's less of your business when you don't offer to help. This happens to other bike parents I am sure, you are exposed to comments because you aren't inside a car. Sometimes it is great and sometimes it rears in the form of unsolicited parenting advice or someone asking is mommy mean. Um okay ass.

Following the hardware store we biked to a local park and had some fun.


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