Monday, August 6, 2012

Hot Hot Heat!

What a hot weekend in Philadelphia. Sunday we rode down to 2nd Street Festival in NorthernLiberties. The ride is about 15 miles round trip.

I rode the Halsted and my husband rode his road bike. Neither of us were use to this step up. Recently aka the past month he has ridden the Halsted. His biggest complaint riding was that he was not in an upright position. Once you get use to an upright bike ride it can be annoying on long leisurely rides to go any other way! For me breaking in the new saddle had its moments. It was slippery! But loved the positioning.

We barely have any pictures of the ride either way. It was by far one of the hardest rides I have rode weather wise. We got down to the festival and locked up our bikes at the end. The crowds really pick up down there and I was not wheeling a bike around.

When we got to the other end of the festival my husband realized he left his phone and wallet in his bike's pannier. Cue the panic. He hustled back down to grab his stuff. M and I waited in the heat. M took the time to lay on the ground and drink water. Hydrating is important.

All the stuff was safe and still in the bag. Thankfully!!! We went to lunch to cool off and fill up our bodies up after that. Once done we headed back to the Kelly Drive Trail.

The heat was unforgiving and the strong wind now at our front was muggy and HARD to bike against. My husband was getting tossed on his small bike while I was just biking as hard as possible. This is a slight decline ride so it should have been way easier instead I wanted to pass out.

Once to the start of the trail we stopped and both M and I stripped down to bike shorts. I NEVER wear just bike shorts but the heat and workout I just got required it. M would however bike naked if I would let him.

The rest of the ride home wasn't bad just hot. When we got home we all collapsed in front of the AC. Best news of all we go on a mini vacation to Newport, RI this weekend. Hello 78 degrees to bike in. Cannot Wait!

lycra twins!

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