Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bike Newport, RI Part 2: Brunch and Bike Date

Sunday was our last full day in Newport. We woke up to do some brunch and playground time. I googled around and found a tiny cafe I wanted to try. We biked there and found all their breakfast sandwiches were sold out. Bummer. We bought a muffin and decided to hit a diner-ish place, Franklin's Spa a couple blocks further down Spring Street.

Whiney vent about other people on bikes time! Some other folks on bikes rode on the sidewalks on the left side at the same time we were riding properly in the street. Nothing is more unnerving then seeing tiny sidewalks crowded illegally by bikes. This couple hoped out in the street to cross at a five way intersection. They made no signal to show where they were going. So I politely asked because I didn't want to intersect. Um he snarled and then just pointed. What a dick. He then proceeded to ride in the street on the left side while I was at the same pace on the right. Cars were not happy. I hate that shit. I'm shaking my fist at you stupid Newport dude.

We finally hit up the diner. Downtown is hard to park your bikes. Especially a cargo bike. We make all precautions not to block walk ways for wheelchairs etc. So my advice to Newport businesses get more bike racks installed. After brunch we rode to the park and then back to the house.

That night my husband's aunt and uncle offered to watch M while we had a date. A night without a baby at a nice restaurant? Hell yeah! So we got dressed cute and removed the baby seat from the bike. We also did not need a diaper bag. We felt down right light and free on our bikes.

The cargo bike is a whole different ride empty. My H who worked hard to keep up with me in my whip the whole time was far out pacing me. We decided to go The Landing down on the piers/docks off of America's Cup. A group of pedicabers stopped us to pay compliments to our bikes and even took a picture of the Halsted. They were very complimentary about both our bikes. I blush.

Again we had to squeeze are bikes Into a single bike rack. I'm thinking we need more rope locks when we have two bikes to lock up easier but we figured it out.

Food was delicious! The view was awesome. Not rushing because we had a baby with us of course priceless. After we were done we even went to the Pour House bar on Broadway for a beer or two. We had a great night and came home to a M who was dancing around to the closing Olympic ceremony.

And just like that our vacation was brought to an end. We packed back up Monday an home to Philly we went.