Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Skirt on a Bike

I came across Momentum Magazine's video about wearing skirts on bikes. I'm a pro at wearing skirts on bikes, especially in this weather. And by pro I mean it is hot and I wear skirts. However I am not always lady like mounting my bike. I wear bike or running shorts under my skirts usually to avoid awkward situations.

My bigger fear then flashing underwear is getting my skirt caught in my back wheel. Unlike a lot of European bikes that have skirtgaurds on wheels and gears both the bikes I ride do not. Sometimes I tuck my more wild skirts into my bike short legs to avoid disaster.

Bottomline it is one trillion degrees in Philadelphia I am totally pro skirt for everyone. With the 105 expected heat index today maybe a bathing suit would be best.

Check out Momentum's Video it is pretty great!

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