Monday, July 16, 2012

Neighborhood Rides: Sharrows

Are you familiar with sharrows? They are share the road arrows, they look like this. Most drivers are not aware of their purpose and frequently cyclists are confused upon first seeing them too. Before they arrived in Philadelphia, I saw them on a trip to Boston, where my friend Monkey explained them to me. Basically they are a big pain in the ass but they alert traffic that this road is to be shared with bicyclists, and the place where they are painted on the road indicate arrows where it is best for the biker to stay course. So they tend to be a few feet from the parked cars and a few feet over from the center of the road. In a nut shell they are telling the cyclist "to take the road". I find taking the road usually pisses off cars 75% of the time. At the very least it often makes cars tailgate my bike furiously.

This past Friday we rode the sharrows on Main Street in Manayunk. Main street sees a fair share of bike traffic so most of the cars weren't impatient. I've had problems with these a bunch on weekends in Center City however. M and I made it down to the post office on the far west side of the street pretty quickly and with out incident from our home.

Post offices are a great spot to bike to in the summer they are always so so cold. And that is very nice way to give us a quick break from humidity and heat that day. M & I wear our helmets inside, I mean you never know when an earthquake will happen.

The way home was a good ride we saw a whole group of pro cyclists from the local shop and several buses. Aka a toddler's obsessions in person!

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