Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Neighborhood Rides: Broken Lock Key

Do you ever have one of those weeks? The kind where you are positive that a big cosmic joke is being performed and you are the butt? This week is all of it. Sunday night we discovered my indoor cat has fleas, Monday (my birthday) was spent de-flea-ing our home and taking the little guy to the doctor for a shot. What a birthday!
Those clouds look like how my week is going!

 Today I get an email that there was a mixup with my donkey boxx and it was only shipped out today. Womp womp. So even though I am pooped  I drag myself out of the house to take M to storytime. Our bike ride there was uneventful. We get to the library and I go to lock up the bike. What do you know our key was bent and I couldn't lock the bike.
Home Sweet Home!
I'm surprised that didn't make me loose my shit. Probably the down hill home made me feel better. I switched mindsets and took M to a park by the library. On the way there I dropped our cable bike lock and didn't notice until I got up a hill to the park. Luckily a kid had grabbed it and I was able to retrieve it. Yay to not loosing pricey stuff.

M and I zipped home after he was trying to fall asleep in the swing as I pushed him. Sure sign we were both done.

Well I don't think this week could get worst so the bright side here I come!

PS check out the new rack!