Friday, July 6, 2012

Go Fourth!

Our fourth was split between car rides and bike rides. The morning we were up early to see my husband's hometown's parade that requires a drive out to the burbs. That evening though we packed he bikes and headed to the Art Musum for the fourth celebration here in Philadelphia.

The husband rode our Civia as we were to lazy to switch all our bike saddles all around. His Brooks 17 is on the Civia my Brooks 17s is on my pink road bike at the moment. This issue of trading seats will be cured soon as we are going to pick up a dedicated saddle for the Halsted that both of us feel comfortable on.

Off we went as the sun was setting. Luckily Kelly Drive was shut down except for trolley busses and police. It was extra amazing as we got to ride under the natural stone bridges and really take in the view! I did make us stop for a couple of pictures. Even with the sun going down it was still humid and hot we are the 9th day of a heat wave in Philly.

We made it to the museum the location of a concert and fireworks show. The fireworks did not start until 1030-11, so we weren't entirely sure if M would make it. We played around kicking our ball about. M started to get fidgety and upset asking for breastmilk so we he assumed he was tired and the heat wasn't helping. So we packed up at 930 and biked home. We were home by ten where we caught a local shooting off fireworks. That was enough for us!

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