Monday, July 23, 2012

Brunch by Bike

Sunday morning we decided to bike to brunch on Main Street for the first time. All our favorite brunch spots are in our old neighborhood of South Philly. We rarely bike to them as a ten mile ride on an empty stomach is silly. But a two mile ride on an empty stomach isn't so bad.

We tried Cooper's and Jake's Wine bar. (Yes, double apostrophes how annoying.) The food was pretty good. I had lobster omelette, I am seafood training for our New England trip next month. Little guy had scrambled eggs and potatoes, he loved the potatoes, of course. My husband had some fancy cheese omelette. Overall good outdoor eating experience. Kept the little guy feeling good by playing with ice and counting bike riders and busses.

We biked side streets there but Main Street home (same route from the post office trip). Main Street is a notorious weekend bike warriors spot. All spandex kit riders were swarming and apparently the movie theatre by our home is home base for suburbanites to park and bike from. I don't get driving to bike but it is popular in our new hood.

Perks of biking to Main Street, there is absolutely no parking ever so biking allows us to "park" right at our restaurant of choice. Perk number two hearing hilarious conversations from the spandex bike groups. At one light a biker recounts his run in with a car driver "i was like bro you got car insurance? Go ahead hit me I'm looking to get paid" LOL bro dude bike guy.

We stopped at the park on the way home my husband snapped a picture of the little guy and I. Neither of us in spandex. Duh.

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