Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bike Accessories

I just bought some new bike stuff and I am so very excited for it to get here already. I may have just ordered it yesterday but I am already unpatiently waiting for it. MAIL MAN YOU GOT MY JAWN?!

For my pink bike, I decided I wanted a light permanent rack to carry a bit more of my junk on. The pink road bike and our cargo bike are also going on vacation with us in August. The pink bike is the lighter of our two personal bikes hence why that one is coming with us. Although we will maximize the load on the Civia Halsted we want the option to carry things and bits on the second bike as well.

Adeline, Adeline
So we biked over to our local bike shop (LBS) on Main Street before dinner last night, the store is more road/track bike orientated with a couple of commuter rack options. This is not our usual bike store but the guys were friendly and they swooned over the Halsted, duh it is awesome.

Adeline, Adeline
Overall all their options were black racks and  I felt like that wasn't the look I wanted.  So I went to check my online options and settled on a rack from Adeline, Adeline  that I thought was streamlined enough for my bike. While e-shopping there I couldn't resist the adorable dutch bells, I bought the pink one for my pink bike. SO CUTE.

Donkey Boxx 
So now that I have a rack and every rack needs a bag otherwise known as a pannier.  Again I wanted something light. Our old neighborhood LBS, Bicycle Revolutions, recommended the Donkey Boxx for our Halsted  if we want to add some more cargo. For now I think the DB will be a nice light addition to my pink bike with the ability to move to the Halsted. Bonus this pannier is made in America and out of recycled materials! FIVE BILLION EXTRA BONUS POINTS.

So that wraps up my weekday e-shopping trip. If you need me I will be waiting by the door for my mail guy the next couple of days. I am sure that will not be awkward at all for the mail.

P.S. How cute is this Wren Bike from Adeline Adeline,  FEEL FREE TO ORDER IT FOR ME ;)