Monday, July 2, 2012

Beat the Heat

This weekend was our second heat wave of the season. The 98+ degree weather almost makes me miss dressing M in a billion layers for biking. Almost.

Saturday we opted to drive down to the spray park in the Art Museum area. We just didn't know how to gauge M's body temp since he isn't a huge talker yet. Sunday however I was determined to get us out. We made a two fold plan.

We decided to either go a one way distance of 5 miles to Smith Playground or go the full 8 miles into Center City. Options for us are key. It's always okay to turn around! Our intent to Center City was to hit up the new Shake Shack. But at the end of Kelly Drive the heat hit me.

I drank water, took off my helmet (just to let my brain breathe) and decided to hit the same park as the day before which was less then a half mile away. Sometimes it is important to change plans when it's a trillion degrees. No shame! Also when we need water we also offer it to M, although he isn't pedaling he needs to remain hydrated too. He loves my pink bike bottle so if he won't drink from his own I offer that up to make sure he is drinking.

At Sister Cities Park, the shade, breeze and water splash fountain  gave us the rejuvenation we needed not to dread the ride home. Plus the delicious sandwich from milk&honey helped!

We were all dressed lightly and the toddler and I covered in sunblock (my husband isn't pale like us). But to help the little guy on the way home we dunked his shirt in water to help cool his body down along with the wind of the bike. It was relaxing and cool enough that he was napping on Kelly Drive pretty quickly.

Also the Yepp seat is great for hot weather, like crocs they do not absorb heat. We have a stroller out of the same material. Both are really wonderful for hot days.

Bottom line, have a cool destination in mind. Even if it is a patch of shady trees. Drink tons of water, even for your passenger. I do regret not bringing ice packs to keep the water cool. And remember it is okay to change plans if your family is feeling to hot.

PS on the way home I finally conquered the hills on my road bike by our home. I think it's a 10-12% grade? So yeah for me. Of course my husband who can do it with no issue laughed because really who bikes the hills for the first time in weather that feels like 101 degrees. Me!

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