Friday, June 22, 2012

Neighborhood Rides

Somedays M and I have no errands to run so we just go on neighborhood bike rides. Luckily our neighborhood has lots of stuff to check out and parks nearby for some run around time. We also live by some shorter multi use trails which are fun and shady.

The past couple of days our cargo bike was in our local bike shop getting a 90 day tune up. No problem I hooked up the Yepp Mini to my pink road bike. I have to admit this isn't the comfiest ride for me with a baby seat but it works for short trips. My gears are inaccessible with the Yepp but the trade off is a lighter bike to pedal. Once again any bike is rideable with kids!

We rode down along the neighborhood that borders the Wissahickon portion of Fairmount Park. Then we rode up and around to our regional rail station. M was thrilled a train was there. So we waited to see the train ride off.

Finally, we rode up to the park a block away from our home to end the ride.

P.S. How cute is M's new Evel Knievel style Nutcase helmet.
P.P.S. Have a Great Weekend, Check out my bike pins on Pinterest & Philly bike new at BCGP

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