Thursday, June 28, 2012

Neighborhood Rides (Again)

I am going to try to write weekly about one of our local neighborhood rides. So get ready for trips to the post office, parks & story times! Aka the life of a stay at home biking mom.

This past Monday we had a gas leak in our home. We are all safe but I woke up smelled gas turned out we had an old connection to our vintage 1950s oven so my Monday was kind of high stress and busy making sure things got fixed. We were cooped up in the house the whole day. So by Tuesday we both were in need of a bike ride! Bike riding is the ultimate feel good activity for us after all.

With no specific destination we headed out and down towards the Wissahickon Creek. We rode down and checked out some curb flowers. M gets so excited to touch as we bike. This is truly a small pleasure of being on a bike not a car. If it is completely safe for me to pull over to a curb/sidewalk and let him explore from his seat I do. Just something not possible in a car or the bus for that matter.

I decided mid trip to check out a playground on the upper part of the park. I found out that a block over has a gentle hill that I could peddle on my road bike without gear access.

We pulled over for a few moments to check out a water company crew working. I was like boring. M is like omg STUFF.

We then proceeded to the park where we did tons of playing. We played hard for about an hour before the sky looked a bit crazy. It turned out to be just clouds but I was sure I was going to be out on my road bike in a downpour. My road bike needs new tires so I wouldn't be comfortable to bike down steepish hills home with it.

M, was pretty ready to go himself, nap time was imminent. I put him in the seat and took these three pictures within five seconds. Sleepy/Tree touching excitement/ omg I'm angry and want to go.

After that last picture we sped downhill home. Downhill always makes him smile so no cranky bike baby. We were home and napping before he knew it!

PS that gentle hill without gears. My thighs totally still feeling that.
PPS Oven fixed and hot water back on!

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