Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day Ride

Hope you had a good weekend! Did you ride your bikes? We sure did. I caught plenty of pictures from our Father's Day ride to the Rodin Museum Gardens and Sister Cities Park located on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

This trip I rode my pink bike and my husband rode the cargo bike. I mean it's father's day he should drive the minivan in honor. We rode MLK out and we just made it to the upper drive before it reopened to car traffic at noon. Meaning we had four car lanes of recreation use all the way to the art museum. Literally the cop was closing the park gate as we zoomed through. We would have made it quicker, but I had to adjust my skirt and M wanted a drink!

We usually switch from MLK to the Schuykill River Trail into the Center City bike lanes but today we hopped onto the Ben Franklin Parkway (BFP) lanes. And when I say parkway it is literally a multi lane drive along the museums along the park. BFP bike lanes are painted green to show separation. I know a couple months back there was talk about making them actual separated lanes I assume the green is a trial. In general I like the green as the white lines and bike symbols in the city wear very quickly. Dislike was the potholes also painted green, it could be tricky to see them. I'd also like to see the lanes a tad wider.

We hit up Rodin where I made the boys take a picture out front, see below. We locked up our bikes at the bike rack nearby (about ten or so spots for bike parking) and went to explore. The Rodin is currently being renovated so we checked out the four statues outside, walked around the lovely gardens and checked out signage about the reopening next month. Next stop Sister Cities Park.

We hopped back on the bikes to bike a whole four blocks to the park. We got there and were surprised by the lack of bike racks. Four u shaped racks on the backside of the building was all I saw, maybe there was more on the North side? We treated our bikes like a stroller and left them on the grass while the little guy played in the sprinkle fountain.

It was overcast and barely mid 70s but the this did not stop M. He loves water. When I first encouraged him to play he played shy and hid between the bikes. I removed my shoes and walked to the outskirts with him. And bam! my hand was dropped and in he went. Overall the way they redid the park was great. In addition to the sprinkle fountain there was a sailboat pool but kids were splashing in it too. As well as climbing rocks. Such a great nook for city kids right along the parkway near tons of great museums.

By the time he was freezing we had to force him away from the water, dry him up and change his clothes. We set up a picnic blanket on the lawn and bought sandwiches from milk and honey subcafe located at the park. M warmed up and ran around. He was so excited to spot buses hustling around the parkway and Logan Circle.

Before long we decided to hit the bike path and head home. We rode down the parkway and decided to take the east side of the river, Kelly Drive back. My husband always thinks this is a 2 mile ride because there is no stopping and it is so peaceful especially on a Sunday afternoon when it's less busy. We love our "country" ride back to our home at the other base of the trail. The river and tree lines are beautiful. In all honesty the ride is about 7.5 miles but does feel  quick and peaceful.

M napped the ride home. The sleep roll for the yepp didn't really work. He snuggled up on my h's arm instead. Overall I think that a bike ride sleep is the best way to say happy father's day.

Happy Father's Day to all the bike families! 

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