Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bicycle Maintenance

Last week we took our Civia Halsted in for a tune up. We bought the bike 3 months ago and we were told no later then 3 months should we take it in for a free tune up. This just allows the bicycle mechanics to make sure that everything is still going well with the bike. Once you have "stretched" it out they may notice something that needs a little spruce up like loose brake cables etc.

To keep a bike in good shape especially if you are a commuter or hauling heavy cargo *cough*your 27 pound kid you should bring it in every couple of months. It isn't a bad idea to plan to take it at the start of every season. This is great if you are winter rider too so the bike can be set up for snow or in the spring for rain. For occasional riders once a year should be fine, if you are a warm weather rider before and at the end of your season would be best.

In the mean time follow these two rules keep your bicycle sparkly and running well. As recommended by our LBS aka check with your own shop as I am no mechanic!

1. Inflate tires to the psi stamped on their side at least once a week.

2. Lubricate your chain at least once a month. (not required if you have a closed chain)

PS: Give the bike a visual inspection. Just knowing what your bike looks like you are more likely to know if something is off.

My favorite guys making sure our bikes are ready to ride.

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