Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Why and When we started biking?

Sorry, we had a pretty busy weekend so no pictures of us biking. Womp womp.

But here are two questions I was recently asked:

Why did we start biking? -- Well we have been biking in Philadelphia for a long time. It is a great method of getting around. We enjoyed biking long before we had the little guy, but in actuality we rarely ever biked together as a couple until we had him.  So why did we start, well to get to work and school mainly. It is a cheap quick way to travel about the city. Why did we start biking as a family? Mainly we want to promote a lifestyle of exercise for our son and model good environmental behavior. Also being stuck is the backseat can be boring, biking is always an adventure.  Of course we also only own one car, so for me I need a bike to get us to point A and B. Wether that is storytime, play dates or the grocery store.

When can I start biking with my kid?-- This is a tricky question, I am honestly not qualified to answer.  In the states they recommend 1 year. But it really depends what you are comfortable with. The seat we have suggests 9 months, if that wasn't the start of winter we might have went for biking with our guy then. Not long trips and only flat areas, but we started just after one year. Ultimately I am passing this question along to a great blog I found super helpful when first researching baby and bikes.


P.S. I love that Totcyle uses the wonderful Tall Cow's family bicycling print. They have a wonderful shop here in Philly; go visit, and then pickup a bagel at South Street Bagel across the way or check out the Headhouse farmer's market on Sundays. I have a feeling we will be there this weekend( on bike of course).

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