Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bike Fashion

I have been obsessed with bike fashion blogs lately. I have seen some great mix of street clothes and bike gear. For me I mostly bike in "street clothes", but I can't help but adding wicking running shorts/tights to a lot of my outfits. I am sure that is common with most lady bikers.

I also love me some of the items specifically created for bikers with style in mind. Levi's is a big national (well worldwide) brand that came out with a "commuter" line of jeans made to bike in. To bad they forgot to make it for both sexes. Smaller brands Nona Varnado and Outlier have both come out with women's gear, plus both brands are made in the USA and specially in NYC. I love buying local, google my name and you will see me on abcnews talking about it!

My Wishlist from Nona Varando:

Want to look at some fashion on bikes? Check out my favorites!

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