Monday, May 21, 2012

Ahoy! Crappy Weather Week Ahead & Weekend Recap

hydrating @ philadelphia art museum
Fellow Philadelphians we are in for a crappy week of weather. Luckily on the other side is Memorial Day Weekend and no planned rain. For me it will be a walking and public transportation week! Perhaps I should bring our cargo bike in for it's 60 day free check up this week.

So what did we do this past weekend via bike? We only spent one of our two days on bike the other we took the car out to Valley Forge to let the squid run around in the land of fields. Got to give the city kid some country! Saturday we woke up ate breakfast and planned to head to Rittenhouse Square via MLK (west river) Drive. Springtime makes using Kelly Drive impossible, to many regattas, not to mention MLK until noon is completely closed for recreation and then the upper part is kept closed until 5. So we get a 4 lane "highway" to bike openly on! 

When I google it is a 6.9 mile ride one way to Rittenhouse, so fairly short. The ride there we didn't hit any snags, I did manage to break twice for families of geese crossing MLK. I will say this spring brings the most adorable feathery babies out. The other neat thing on MLK is a boat house that is dedicated to biking and rowing for those who are physically handicapped. There are some crazy bikes that come out of there for everyone to get exersice. It is great to see families enjoying an activity like biking together when someone may not usually get such bodily freedoms. 

We swung into the the East River multi-use path. The path had "Art on Scene" project going on so it was cool to see art in progress right by the river as we were biking. This path can also get cluttered with all different types of people, I find it a bit tricky to navigate with 75 pounds of bike and baby. A lot of folks don't know how to respond to "on your left" or my bell. So I tend to ride extra slow, but of course those who are road biking getting annoyed because they are screeching past me! Can't please everyone.
We hopped off at the end of the path which is Locust Street, and road Locust up to the park. Right before we headed into the park, an older guy screamed across the street "WHERE DID YOU GET THAT BIKE MODIFIED?!?". I love the excitement of older men about our bike. I responded it came that way because I thought he was referring to the "truck" style of my cargo bike, turns out his excitement was over the baby seat. He screamed over we needed to take pictures and show the squid in the future and he had only seen a front seat like that in NYC. We laughed as there was bobike and ibert seat baby passengers on the river trail too. 

auntie monk monk
We arrived at Rittenhouse Square and setup a spot to picnic and chill on the south west corner. Luckily we did, there was a huge festival on the north east end. Our friend and my old roommate, Monkey arrived to hang out with us, she was down from Boston for a visit. Now Monkey is a pretty awesome biker, she has biked across the country and many other places, so she was way more excited to see our bikes then us. That's okay we love her all the same. We did some lunch, let the squid play with the soccer ball and tennis ball we brought, seriously we never leave home without balls in the cargo basket of our bike! The other bonus about Rittenhouse, my kid is in love with buses at the moment, and every type of bus rounds the square, from the cities double deckers to the regular SEPTA fleet. His little mind was full of buses. 

We loaded back up and headed out, we followed the path of sharrow (shared road arrow) down Spruce Street and we were promptly yelled out by an impatient driver to pull over and let her pass. My husband just yelled back "No" just matter of factly and that was that.  The squid fell asleep less then a block after we pushed off (and he had no nap the whole day. Again I still hadn't purchased a sleeproll for the Yepp Mini, so we decided to pull over at the start of the trail to let him sleep. Of course I grew impatient and we tried to ride with him again and try to get him to fall asleep on my arm. He woke up and was like okay there are puppies on the trail it is cool that I am up. 

west river drive
We hopped back on the west river, the lower part was open to car traffic but  we stayed on the road there since it is a one bike path on the bridge and the shoulder which is perfect for bikes is easier to ride west. Only snag was when I came around the bridge my bike's front wheel spun out from me, some how I managed to stay in control of the bike, but both my husband and I had a poop the pants moment.  The rest of the ride was smooth bikewise, the squid remembered he hadn't napped and was like WAIT A MINUTE, I am tired. So we pulled off at a parking area and we snacked and let him run around. And now here is my plea to those who use the river parking area. PICK UP YOUR TRASH. Because my child loves to pick up your water bottles, cigarette butts, papers etc. We put the squid back on the bike because taking trash out of his hands was getting gross, boy was he upset, which always sucks because being on a bike is awesome. He stopped once we got started biking and we sang to him and I squeezed him with my arms. Seriously best part of a front seat is it is constant hugs and kisses and songs from mama. 

We arrived home safe and sound. Little guy was ready for a nap and so were we. 

P.S.  later that night we dropped by REI and bought that sleeproll!

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