Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Adventures to be Found via Bike

UntitledOur family is always amazed that we are always finding interesting stuff to do...we always respond we live in a city, there is LITERALLY always something fun to do. I find myself not posting about the mundane bike rides that are for transportation and find that our "adventures" are more fun to post about, mostly because we do them as a family.  Having your child between your arms as you pedal is such an amazing feeling, I sing and talk to him, my husband whizzes by next to us and giggles surround us as a family. We do not have this same feeling in a car. Maybe we aren't going on a typical family adventure to an amusement park, but we are certainly having a family experience that is irreplaceable.

This past sunday we found ourselves packing up our bikes to go to a vintage baseball game near the Please Touch Museum in Fairmount Park. The vintage team plays and dresses according to 1865 rules. I rode the civia halsted the basket was packed to the brim, filled with soccer balls, baseballs for the little guy to play with and food for noshing while watching the game. I made the most amazing soft pretzels from a recipe I found on pintrest, I took them fresh off the grill and biked them in a brown paper bag which cooled them perfectly. We brought blanket to lay out for us too.

UntitledThe bike ride to the field is about 4.8 miles according to google, since it was a weekend we biked along the closed MLK Blvd in Philly, which is awesome! Essentially a four lane highway is shut down so plenty of room to bike safely as a family, avoiding runners and other bicyclists. The little guy crashed out on the bike ride there. I am still trying to figure out the best approach to bike naps, and might invest in the yepp mini's sleeproll. He woke up promptly the moment we arrived. We met up with our friends and had a great time watching the "base ball clubs".

Our ride home was nice and peaceful, we got to the end of MLK right before it reopened. Overall excellent sunday adventure.


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