Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend Bike Update: Part 1

Our longer trips on bikes tend to happen we we are both home on the weekends. Partially because it is easier to bike with a kid in numbers and we enjoy riding together. This past weekend was pretty nice in Philadelphia, although we thought we'd get some thunderstorms on Sunday they never hit us.

UntitledSaturday, the husband is usually pretty tired as he works a night job at a bar here in Old City so he puts in a long night/day friday. But our car decided to be a jerk (lesigh cars) so he couldn't make it into work on Friday. That morning though he got up early and rode the halsted over to Acme (super market) for breakfast goodies. We have decided the halsted's front rack needs some sort of foam so we don't break eggs again like he did on the morning ride. The rest of the morning was followed by dropping off the car to the dealership, and taking a rental car over to Whole Foods for our big weekly shopping trip and then drop by our favorite bike shop, Bicycle Revolutions, to pick up our new kickstand for the halsted and a bell (DING!). We had already upgraded the stock kickstand but it was still incredibly woobly with the kid attached, although we don't leave him unattended it was still hard to load him and an ample load without the bike moving about, so after some research we decided we wanted to upgrade again to the ursus "jumbo" kickstand (holds about 120 pounds), which is marketed for heavy bikes (mama, e-bikes, transport bikes etc.) This stand is pricey but makes the bike 100% more stable feeling.

When we got home after our errands we set out on our bike errands. Little guy was feeling cooped up so we decided to hit Smith Playground. Smith Playground is an oasis in Fairmount Park for children, it was built in the victorian period, specifically to be a free space for children of the city. The original wooden slide (think large carnival like) is still in use, plus there are tons of really ground playground toys, and a large "mansion" filled with indoor toys and play-spaces.
I rode the family halsted and the husband rode a 80s kabuki
 When we arrived we realized quickly they only had a bike rack for three bikes that have kid seats (we tend to take up more room), which was filled! So we locked up on a large fence surrounding the park space. I would love to see them be able to accommodate more bikes as this space is right along Kelly Drive and has bike lanes leading up to it. The place was packed but the little guy had lots of fun, and both mama and papa took a slide down the giant slide as well. We rode home around dinner time and we were all starving when we got home!  We grilled up chicken and made a fresh salad for dinner, it was enjoyed by all. Even our cat snuck some lettuce.

I will update with Part two of our weekend tomorrow(ish).


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