Monday, April 23, 2012

The Great Cloth Diaper Change & Other Bikey Families

This past weekend, we participated in the great cloth diaper change here in Philadelphia. In essence over 5,000 people in 16 countries changed their child's cloth diaper at the same time to help break a Guinness record. Our local cloth diaper shop was a host, and a mere 2.2 miles from our home, we decided it was a perfect trip to make by bike on earth weekend, also sunday was crappy and with no fenders on the new ride, no one wanted a wet butt (aka me) so we'd probably use other means of transport.

So the mere 2.2. miles is basically all up hill on the way there. Yippee. I hate hills, I dislike hills even more when I have a 25 pound passenger. So 2.2. miles seemed like forever up hill. Granted it was a nice easy rolling hillS and with the exception of a shady circle (rotary?) where we walked our bikes through we had bike lanes the entire ride.

When we arrived at the cloth diaper event, we pulled up at the same time as another dad who biked with his son as well to the chage. That little guy rolled up in a chariot, which the dad told us they got for a steal of $99 at an REI garage sale. How awesome. We asked the dad how the chariot was and he said he often forgets the little one is back there, until he gets to a hill. Haha. Don't we all feel this way.

Really though Philadelphia is mostly flat, we all just happen to live in hill heaven in the north west section of the city. Many places like our home are carter like, you have to bike up to get in and out! More importantly,  both the husband and I were like is it awkward to ask for another parent's number, one who likes to bike around with their sprout too?

The actual cloth diaper change was held at a church near the cloth diaper store we frequent. The setup was nice they had some snacks and a grid taped out on the floor. Each parent/child set were given a rectangle to change their little one in. The only challenge for me was keeping a VERY active toddler in a rectangle for 15 minutes. He was not very thrilled. Here are some great professional pictures from the event: Jeremy Thomas Photography.  Milo, our little guy,  after the torture of being held down and getting his diaper changed, was THRILLED when a drum band came on. He danced his butt off. 

After the cloth diaper change we checked out some of the local stores and let the little one get some playground time in. I know this kid thinks that bikes = playground, but we also seem to be near one when we bike and outdoor play is so fun so why not! On the way home he was exhausted and past out in the yepp mini. Napping on the bike is common for a lot of bike families, much like his car seat though we cannot transition him to another place when we get home and he is usually incredibly cranky pants about this. 

We actually went to an anniversary party at our favorite bike shop that night and decidedly we couldn't bike because we knew it would intercept night time sleep and the thought of a cranky child with messed up sleep was too much to bear, so we opted for the 15 minute car trip instead of the 45 minute bike ride.  The party also had another bike riding family, they rode a yuba mundo longtail, their children were 4 and 5 so they just sit on the back pad. They were another really sweet bike family, we asked lots of questions about the longtail at the party. 

Bottom-line we basically we need to know how do you ask other biking families on bike dates. 


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