Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Sunday Family Ride

My back was pretty bad all of last week but I was determine to make an Easter bike ride happen. Our plan was to ride from our house to the Philadelphia Art Museum, grab lunch and check out art, and ride home. This is in total about an 11 mile ride.

I rode my pink bianchi so I wouldn't have to carry the little guy and add stress to my back. My pink whip is actually lighter then my child and an upright ride both helpful to the back. The husband carried the little guy on our new halsted. We loaded up the halsted with snacks, water and the diaper bag and headed off around 11.
The little guy had not napped all day and we were hoping for a snooze on the bike, which of course happened ten seconds before we got to the art museum. I tried to take him off the yepp mini and lay him in the grass outside for a bett
er snooze, but he was not having it. Once in realized we were in a park he was up and ready to run!

We let the little guy run around for a bit and realized we should start carrying a small ball or other toys for him to play with. All of us grabbed a snack during this down time too before we went into the museum. Now full disclosure I work in the museum field so going to a museum isn't the end all be all of our day, but it a nice interlude that as a family we enjoy.

This was the little guy's second time at the museum and our 0293842039842309. We purchased our admission tickets and the sales officer asked us if we parked in their parking garage, I laugh and say well yes we parked our bicycles there. After a quick bite to eat we checked out the European, American and Modern art wings. The museum was actually pretty crowded for a holiday (the bike rack (YES ONLY ONE!!) was filled). Lots of other families must have had the same idea.

Finally we headed back home along kelly drive. Biking along Kelly Drive in the spring is really wonderful. The trees are still in bloom and the river looks great. My guys were both loving it, here is a quick snap when we got near our home.

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