Tuesday, April 3, 2012

30 Day Bike Challenge: Day 2

True story. On day two I took out the bike to ride around our neighborhood and practice on our hills. I rode the bike down the hill by our home and noticed my seat was funny. Well I stepped off the bike to take a look and in the process threw out my back (it was slightly sore from the day before). Yup. I couldn't even swig my leg to get back on the bike and lacked a bike lock to walk home. HA only me. comedy of errors. So in panic of what to do I proceed to almost drop the bike with the toddler on it. Luckily this bike pushes smoothly and the little guy didn't seem to care or notice I almost dropped him. So I pushed him up the hill back home.

So yes day two was basically less then .05 miles. And day three (today) is now a rest day. I will write tomorrow about how we choose our new bike instead of my daily biking adventures.

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