Monday, April 2, 2012

30 Day Bike Challenge: Day 1

I signed up for the challenge last month. I figured the challenge gives me a reason to get on our shiny new cargo bike daily and will give me a jump start back into biking, I stopped biking to work in my second trimester of pregnancy , as I kept daydreaming I was bound to be doored any day. This 30 day (b)log (eh maybe I will go longer) will force me to keep true to the challenge at hand.

First ride was down to Kelly Drive, then we looped back up to our home. In total it is a 5.6 mile ride but we had to walk the steep hill by our home. Our only altercation was when a pedestrian stopped in the middle of the trail watching the rowing competition suggested that the path was a bad place for a baby on a bike. um yeah okay thank you suburbanite, next time i won't jam on my brakes to miss you.

The hardest parts about family biking so far, is getting use to the hills in our new neighborhood in Philly, prior we lived in relatively flat south philadelphia, now we reside in manayunk which is known for steep grades. Our other issue trying to follow the rules of biking without screaming at someone. Gone are days of weaving through traffic and cursing out drivers i suppose.

All in all great ride, the little guy was certainly wiped out from all the biking he did.