Monday, August 4, 2014

Hello August! A recap of bikeMAMAdelphia Adventures in July

I stretched and took a long break from blogging this past month. Mostly because my kids spilled water on my computer and partially because why not take a summer break. We didn't take a break from riding however and a quick photo recap of some special July rides shall now commence.

Late last month the motor of the Urban Arrow was replaced, I am going to post about that later this week but the start of this month began with a much more powerful bike! I had no clue.

We did our annual 4th of July ride down the shut down Kelly Drive onto the Parkway for the fireworks. Our usual spot is now the drop zone for the fireworks which was kind of a pain. 2 hours before the fireworks even went off the closed down the area making it impossible for those on bikes to get back Kelly Drive easily (there was a stairs and footpath for peds). We had a great time biking down though and home in the dark which isn't the usual for this family in the summer time.  The weather by the way was amazing, usually we are pouring sweat on the 4th, this year I wore a wool sweater home!

Kidical Mass rode this month as well. We rode from Fitler Square to Seger Rec. it was smaller then the June ride but a nice day and time. The ride was an uneventful loop the video of the ride is up on

I rode the kids down to South Philly to get M a haircut. He was into the bike ride but was adamantly against the haircut. However after he got in the chair he did so well and as a nice summery haircut!

Finally it was my 30th birthday this month on the 30th. We celebrated my birthday by biking down to the Barnes Museum, it was a great ride with the kids (on the way home though my battery died uphill OMG hate when that happens). The next day I opened my 30th with a new tattoo that is biking and my kid related.

Overall fantastic month! Coming up is an August Kidical Mass ride 

Monday, June 30, 2014

Urban Arrow 2013 versus 2014 Models

We dropped by Rolling Orange this weekend and I grabbed a couple of pictures of the 2014 Urban Arrow, currently in stock they have four rollar brake models if anyone is interested. 

Battery/Bench (2013 T, 2014 B) 

Brakes/Front Tire 

Front Light/Fender

Undercarriage/Wiring Front


Motor Casing

Rear Lock/Tail Light (2013 Light on Rack)

Assist Reader

Rear Area

Urban Arrow 2013 versus 2014

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tabling For Firth & Wilson +Test Riding A BionX Bullitt

Father's Day Weekend for the past two years has equalled at least one day of tabling for this family. This year we went to Artspiration at Fleshcher Art Memorial to table for Firth & Wilson, our local cargo bike shop.

Armed with spoke cards for kids to decorate we dropped by F&W to pick up the bionX Bullitt for display and made our way over. We were positioned next to Wash Cycle Laundry and Little Babies Ice Cream (both are businesses by bike!). 

A crowd came and went for several hours. A lot of e-assist questions and a lot of moms who were really impressed and excited by long john style bikes. I truly believe the more we have these bikes out in public view, loaded with kids and stuff the more parents will take note and say that is so smart. One mom said I don't have a bike but I want one of those bikes! Exactly.

 Last week a recycling truck stopped in an intersection to ask me about my bike (not safe, but funny to see). People just need to see what they don't even know exists to want it. 

I also finally tried the assisted Bullitt. I had always assumed I was too short after I failed mounting it at 35 weeks pregnant. But hello I was very pregnant. So in an empty Old City parking lot I got to try it out again. First yes at 5'3 with shorter legs I'm probably at the bottom edge of someone who can ride it. And yes I still prefer the easier mounting of the the UA. 

The UA is a Dutch ride, upright, stable a luxury car of bikes, the Bullitt is a fast sports car. It feels wobbly at first with a turning radius smaller then UA. But in basic principle they handle a lot a like although you can see the front wheel on the Bullitt which is a bit distracting. 

The bike is a whip though; fast and light when using it. I actually turned off the assist because it felt too fast for my test ride. This particular build had a basic sized plywood box. My two kids could both fit for sure. With legs intertwined could fit as they got bigger as well. 

I didn't find it as comfortable as the UA for us. I actually think it is ideal if your kids are toddler + because there are a couple ways for bigger kids to ride even with smaller box. I know if we were to buy a second cargo bike it would be a rough choice between the Edgerunner or Buillitt. 

Based on J's smiles though I think she would be pro Bullitt.